Press On Prisms

Our press-on prisms (or Fresnel prisms), are an ideal system for creating prismatic corrections quickly and inexpensively. The flexible static vinyl adheres well, but is also easily repositionable. These are easy to cut and an effective way to determine the patient's acceptance of the proposed prescription. Our ultra thin prisms are ideal for trial fittings. Just 1mm thick, they are easy to cut, shape and stick to lens. Cohesive bonding firmly holds prism to lenses. Sold in pairs only.

Press On Aspheric D Segs - view detailsPress On Aspheric D Segs - view details
Press On Aspheric Minus - view detailsPress On Aspheric Minus - view details
Press On Aspheric Plus - view detailsPress On Aspheric Plus - view details

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